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IFC Roadmap

Stage 1: Miami Launch Party (July 8th) ✔️ 

  • Host a spectacular launch party in Miami on July 8th featuring top UFC fighters (Fighters TBA).
  • Attendees will receive a FREE IFC Genesis NFT as an exclusive token of appreciation.

Stage 2: UFC Watch Parties for Genesis Holders

  • Organize UFC watch parties at select locations exclusively for Genesis NFT holders.
  • Extend watch parties to cities with a strong IFC community presence.
  • Reward dedicated holders with invitations to join watch parties, where they can interact with UFC fighters.

Stage 3: Second NFT Collection Launch

  • Announce the launch of the second NFT collection with details on supply and mint price (TBA).
  • Prioritize Genesis NFT holders by placing them on the OG/White List, ensuring exclusive access.

Stage 4: P2E Game Release

  • Introduce a demo of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) game.
  • Upon the complete sellout of the project, launch the full P2E game.
  • NFT holders will have the exciting opportunity to compete against each other for $Kickass token rewards (off-chain).
  • Genesis NFT holders will enjoy a unique advantage, yielding 2x tokens during gameplay.

Stage 5: $Kickass Token Launch (On-Chain

  • Initiate the launch of the $Kickass token on the blockchain.
  • Conduct an airdrop of $Kickass tokens to all token holders.
  • Provide Genesis collection holders with a 2x multiple of tokens during the airdrop, highlighting their special status within the community.